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Gun Offenses

Santa Clarita Gun Crimes Defense Attorneys


Santa Clarita Gun Crimes Defense Attorneys

Santa Clarita Gun Crimes Defense Attorneys

California gun and weapons laws set forth a number of restrictions on when firearms and other deadly weapons can be owned, carried, purchased and used. While these laws can be complicated and continually changing, the one factor that remains the same is the harsh penalties these laws can impose when people fail to comply with them.


At Law Office of Gary Symonds, our Santa Clarita attorneys know how serious weapons charges are and how crucial it is to have a strong defense against them. That is why our experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping people protect their rights while fighting misdemeanor and felony weapons charges.


Bringing more than four decades of legal experience to every case, our defense barristers have the skills and insight you can count on for vigorous, effective representation at every point in your weapons case.


Misdemeanor & Felony Weapons Charges in California


The nature and severity of weapons charges in California can vary widely, depending on various factors like (but not limited to):


  • The type of weapon involved
  • The criminal history of the accused
  • Whether anyone was harmed (or killed) as a result of the weapons offense
  • Whether the alleged weapons offense violated any federal laws.


The Santa Clarita criminal lawyers at the Law Office of Gary Symonds are skilled at defending people against a range of weapons charges, including (but not limited to) charges of:


  • Possessing a firearm or weapon without the proper permit(s)
  • Possessing a firearm or deadly weapon with a felony conviction
  • Carrying a concealed firearm (without a valid concealed carry permit)
  • Brandishing a deadly weapon in public
  • Failing to properly store firearms (to prevent children or “prohibited” persons from gaining access to them)
  • Buying or possessing “conversion kits” to make assault-type weapons
  • Possessing and/or selling banned assault weapons
  • Using an illegal weapon in an assault or homicide.


Fighting Weapons Charges: Defense Strategies


Although weapons charges are very serious and can come with some severe penalties (including years in prison in some cases), there can be various ways to fight these charges and discredit a prosecutor’s evidence and allegations. For instance, depending on the specifics of a case, it may be possible to argue that:


  • Police violated the defendant’s rights by illegally searching his or her property and illegally seizing the firearm or weapon.
  • The firearm or weapon was used (or possessed) for self-defense or hunting purposes.
  • The accused person does not own and was not aware of the presence of the firearm or weapon.


You Don’t Have to Fight Weapons Charges Alone: Contact a Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Lawyer at the Law Office of Gary Symonds


If you have been arrested for or charged with any type of weapons offense, contact a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Gary Symonds to find out more about your best defense options – and to ensure you have the strongest possible defense moving forward.


Ready to explain the law and what you need to do to protect yourself as you proceed, our lawyers are prepared to immediately start:


  • Advocating your rights and challenging the evidence and charges against you
  • Presenting you and your case in the best possible light
  • Helping you fight for justice and the best possible outcome.


Our extensive experience as skilled litigators and barristers has led to some key relationships with judges and prosecutors, which can be important when it’s time to favorably resolve weapons (and other criminal) cases.


Call (661) 253-3700 or email us via the contact form on this page to start your defense case now.


From offices based in Santa Clarita, we provide the highest quality defense representation to clients throughout Northern Los Angeles and the state of California.