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Drug Distribution

Drug Laws



Drug laws are among the most inconsistent and harsh laws in California. The punishment rarely fits the crime and sentences and enhancements can cost years of your life.


In the case of legal marijuana dispensaries, citizens can be imprisoned while obeying the law. I know, because I have defended marijuana dispensaries in court.


I have defended and handled countless drug cases over the past 38 years, having conducted numerous search and seizure hearings and I have extensive “hands on”  jury trial experience defending drug cases.


If you have been charged with possession, intent to sell, driving under the influence or any other drug crime, contact Gary Symonds today. During a free, no-obligation consultation, I will explain how the law applies to your individual case and what your next steps should be.


In the November 2014 election, the voters of California enacted Proposition 47.  This is a major change in the law. Drug possession crimes have been reduced to misdemeanors.


Various theft crimes such as petty theft with prior, commercial burglary, and various forgery crimes, all previous felonies, are now misdemeanors, if the amount involved is $950 or less.


If you have been convicted of drug or theft felonies, and these certainly hurt you in the job market, you can now petition the court that heard your case and have these felony matters reduced to misdemeanors.


The only disqualifying factors are if you have had certain strike felonies or have been convicted of certain sex crimes.

I provide a free consultation, and I would be happy to review your case to see if you qualify for a Prop 47 reduction.

It will make a difference in your  life!