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Drug Crimes

Santa Clarita Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys


Santa Clarita Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Santa Clarita Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

Drug crimes can be seriously and heavily penalized in California. In fact, even misdemeanor drug charges can impact people’s freedom, careers, reputations and futures.


At the Law Office of Gary Symonds, our Santa Clarita lawyers have tremendous experience defending people against various types of drug charges – including drug possession and distribution. Known for being skilled, aggressive litigators, our barristers can help you take the right steps to protect your rights, fight drug charges and position your drug case for the best possible outcome.


Misdemeanor & Felony Drug Offenses


California laws set forth a range of possible misdemeanor and felony charges for drug offenses, based on various factors like (but not limited to):


  • The type of drug involved – The law classifies drugs into different “schedules,” based on how dangerous they are. While Schedule I drugs (like opiates and cocaine) are considered to be the most dangerous narcotics, Schedule V drugs (like low-dose codeine) are on the low-risk end of the spectrum.
  • The amount of drugs involved – Generally, greater amounts of drugs will trigger more severe criminal charges and penalties. Here, it’s important to understand that, with more dangerous drugs (like Schedule I and II narcotics), even relatively small amounts can lead to serious criminal charges (and penalties).
  • The purpose for having the drugs – Whether drugs are possessed for personal use or for distribution or sale is another primary factor that can impact the severity of drug charges. When someone is accused of distributing drugs in certain locations – like at or near schools, more serious charges (and enhanced sentencing) can apply.
  • Whether the accused has any prior drug convictions – Lesser or reduced drug charges may be an option for first offenses. When the accused has previous drug convictions on his or her criminal record, though, more severe charges (and associated penalties) may apply.


Federal Drug Crimes Charges


Drug charges can be elevated to the federal level (triggering even harsher potential penalties) when certain conditions or circumstances are involved. For instance, federal drug charges may be filed if or when someone is accused of:


  • Transporting illegal drugs across state (or national) borders
  • Possessing, using or distributing drugs on government property
  • Manufacturing or cultivating certain types of illicit drugs.


Fighting Drug Charges: Defense Strategies


Although drug crimes are very serious, simply being accused of a drug offense does not mean that your case will end in conviction. Actually, depending on the evidence and circumstances associated with a given drug case, there may be a number of viable defense arguments that can discredit a prosecutor’s evidence and allegations.


For example, some effective strategies for fighting drug charges can include (and are not necessarily limited to) arguing that:


  • Law enforcement officers violated the accused person’s fourth amendment rights by conducting an illegal search and seizure.
  • The drugs did not belong to the accused, and the accused had no knowledge of them.


An experienced drug defense attorney – like a Santa Clarita drug crime lawyer at the Law Office of Gary Symonds – can review the facts of your case and explain the options for fighting your drug charges.


Strengthen Your Defense Now: Contact a Santa Clarita Drug Crime Lawyer at the Law Office of Gary Symonds


If you have been accused any type of drug offense, contact a Santa Clarita drug crime lawyer at the Law Office of Gary Symonds to find out more about your best defense options. For more than four decades, our lawyers have been working relentlessly to defend people against misdemeanor and felony drug charges. And we are ready to help you fight for justice and the best possible resolution to your drug case.


Discover more about our defense services and how we can help you by calling (661) 253-3700 or by emailing us via the contact form on this page. When you contact us and meet with one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation, you can get helpful answers about your rights, your case, and how to protect yourself moving forward.


From offices based in Santa Clarita, we provide superior advocacy and the highest quality defense representation to clients throughout Northern Los Angeles and the state of California.