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Santa Clarita Attorney Meredith Symonds has more than 10 years’ experience defending people accused of misdemeanor & felony crimes.
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Meredith Symonds

Meredith Symonds, Esq.


Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney Meredith Symonds

Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney Meredith Symonds

For more than a decade, Santa Clarita Attorney Meredith Symonds has been advocating for those who cannot defend themselves against injustice.


After college, Ms. Symonds worked in Washington D.C. in Congress, working on health care rights for our most vulnerable populations. In law school, she ran a non-profit that raised money to place law students in paid public service internships so that they were not forced to work in corporate law.


Over the course of her legal career, Ms. Symonds has practiced personal injury and employment law. Now, however, she focuses on criminal defense and civil harassment defense cases.


Ms. Symonds makes a point to get to know her clients and their families in order to determine what their best moves are for protecting their interests as their case progresses. She enjoys explaining the issues and case strategies to her clients so they have clear understandings and realistic expectations.


Professional Memberships & Associations


  • California Bar Association
  • New York State Bar
  • Selected for the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s (LACBA) Indigent Criminal Defense Bar Panel (ICDA) since 2015
  • Director of MCLE for LACBA ICDA since 2015


To discuss your case, rights and defense options with Santa Clarita Attorney Meredith Symonds, simply call (661) 253-3700 or email her today.